A DFD Tradition.
Our annual poem from Gordon!
Always great

2021 DFD  

2020, oh baby what a year.  
Covid left us all living in fear.  
Making us madmen like Don Draper.  
Flooding the stores for toilet paper.  

Covid changed our ways and stopped our lives.  
Forcing husbands to spend time with their wives.  
Sanity tested, driven emotionally.  
Luckily no violence, have to distance socially.  

We are overcoming this together; it’s been a tall task.  
But all made possible, through the power of the mask.  
But not at DFD, feel free to show those pearls!  
And watch more games than Cuomo’s touched girls.  

DFD is BACK, let the tourney begin.  
Do you have what it takes to walk out with a win?  
Can anyone dethrone the spawn of Genny Light?  
That Syracuse Alum won’t go down without a fight.  

DFD will be rocking with the colors of your favorite team.  
Shots will be given, no, not the vaccine.  
No political talk, it leads people to rage.  
It will all be updated on Larry’s Facebook page.  

We’ve waited two years for this big dance.  
So, pony up to the bar and assume the stance.  
Shuffle the deck and grab some dice to roll.  
Let’s open it up and crawl out from your hole.  

It’s tourney time and the bracket is set.  
Study it carefully when you’re making those bets.  
Wait a minute, where the hell is Duke?!?  
This can’t be happening, is this a fluke?  

C’mon Coach K, what’s the reason?!  
Nope, I agree, we should have canceled the season.  
Everything Coach K says is truthful and right.  
We stood no chance; our best player is white.  

But others proved themselves and are ready to rumble.  
Who will stand last while all the others crumble?!  
Michigan, Baylor, The powerful Zags?  
Must be tougher than the 5 cent grocery bags!  

You must make your picks wisely to win the DFD prize.  
Before hoisting that trophy, remember to sanitize.  
Don’t kill the messenger, stop being so grouchy.  
It’s from the DFD handbook, written by Fauci.  

Our leading expert, an Italian with a Ph.D.  
Can you trust a man that is smaller than me?!  
Sorry Doc, but we’re all fools!  
And at DFD, there are no rules.  

Don’t pound the bar and maybe a penalty shot.  
At DFD we don’t ask a lot.  
Just be fun and have a laugh or two.  
After 2020, that’s the least we can do.  

This absence sure gave us a fonder heart.  
So welcome back DFD, we can’t wait to start.  
Grab a drink or a shot to pass.  
As we raise them up….2020 can kiss our ass!