DFD 2023

Hear ye! Hear ye!
It’s DFD, 2023.
The madness has begun, and the brackets are set.
Who will it be cutting down the net?

Better yet who will conquer the DFD crown?!
Will they go chalk or chase Cinderella’s crown?
Do you have a strategy or a plan in mind?
If you do, a title you may find.

This is no time for the scared, you can’t run and hide.
Although we all try, when we hear the Mraz “Roll Tide”.
A title for them would be huge, boy it would be cool.
Especially since they’re no longer a football school.

Onward we go, lace 'em up for the dance.
Choose your picks wisely, you only get one chance.
DFD tradition is here and boy it is great.
Despite the fact that it’s spreading to different states.

The power of the tourney is it makes us united.
Leave it to our government to leave us divided.
Whoever wins DFD and conquers the brackets.
Don’t spend it all, you’ll probably pay taxes.

Easy Larry, this isn’t a political debate.
I can feel your BP rising as fast as our interest rates.
This is a time for dreams to come true and buzzers to beat.
Hands to be clapped and the stomping of your feet.

Some lives will be changed, that’s a winning bet.
Who will be the next Jimmer Fredette?
There are so many, no sense in being greedy.
Looks don’t count, good thing for Zach Edey. 

Kansas is primed as are the Boilermakers from Purdue.
The West is loaded with UCLA, UConn and don’t overlook TCU.
Horny Toad is their mascot, don’t be an Arkansas pig.
I have to remember the audience with this poetry gig.

The AD to the AD needs this G-rated and clean.
Pleasant and peaceful, nothing obscene.
I have to obey the laws of our ruler.
Or start my own league, I’ll call it the LIV-er tour.

Where you get paid to drink and win even though your bracket busted.
For those that can’t compete anymore, bones are old and rusted.
Na, DFD is where it’s at, the other leagues are left in the dark.
Who needs Greg Norman, DFD has the best Shark!

Can someone explain that line to Mark for me, please?
No offense bud, you’re still the bees’ knees!
We can’t adore anyone more than Shark, our homie.
And the memory of him in a cab with 5lbs of macaroni.

Just one of many memories from beloved DFD.
What once started as a seed has blossomed into a tree.
Laughter and drinks, stories and jokes.
All thanks to the Mraz’s, we owe it all to Stokes.

Unifying friends through our love of betting and sports.
Possibly more than yoga pants and volleyball shorts.
For three long weeks, our inner child emerges.
We live for these moments, and our passion surges.

So let’s gather around and cherish this time.
Only one of us will win, but the rest of us will be just fine.
Do your best and make sure you think it through.
Mental anguish is what these decisions do.

Welcome to DFD everyone, our favorite time of year.
Cherish the moment, it’ll vanish faster than Genny Light’s beer.
In a world of chaos that seemingly never ends.
Let’s enjoy this time spent with family and friends.