Okay everyone, here we go again.

Everyone take a deep breath and count to ten.

Calm down that pace maker, let’s settle that heart.

Yes, I get it, the Madness is about to start.


The brackets are set, the menu’s been made.

All are to compete, but only one will get paid.

You chose your games wisely, you conquered the field.

When other’s dreams stopped, you refused to yield.


Will you come on top, leave others underneath?

Or pull a Master’s breakdown and choke like Jordan Speith?

Will you be the victor, the one with all the goods?

Wearing red on Sunday, like the almighty Tiger Woods.


This challenge is daunting and truly is a test.

DFD is a struggle, an eating and drinking fest.

But it all comes with excitement, even makes Fitz “Giddy”,

But then again I thought that’s because his wife is so pretty J


It’s madness, it’s mayhem, it’s shots on the way.

They come from the bar, don’t blame the NRA.

Listen for the whistle and sidle up for your prize.

Today it’s delicious; tomorrow it reddens your eyes.


We have upsets a-brewing as the final seconds tick.

Let’s enjoy the hoops and spare the politics.

There’s a wall and some tariffs, Russia and collusion.

All we really care about is drinking away our delusions.


To party with friends and laugh at their jokes.

To appreciate this time, all thanks be to Stokes.

Tradition is real and should be respected.

Life is too short, these moments can’t be neglected.


So pour yourself a drink; whether beer, booze or wine.

Settle yourself in and buckle up for Tourney Time.

Your liver will hate you and your head may pound.

You may stumble as you walk, even fall on the ground.


But the solution is easy, even if it appears scary.

Jump back on that horse with a CT Bloody Mary.

It’s delicious and refreshing, pulls you in from the fog.

You can do anything after “the hair of the dog”.


Winter is never ending in the great Northeast.

So pour yourself a drink and please enjoy the feast.

Chowders, BBQ, and homemade pizza pie.

Larry’s cocktail sauce will surely make you cry.


Dice will be rolled and pitch will be played.

LCR will be madness and the shootout shall be slayed.

The bar will be pounded and Kris sure to yell.

Is Steve in the doghouse? It’s too early to tell.


Husbands will tell their wives, “I’ll be back in an hour”

Three days later, they fall victim to Fireball Power

Steve’s whistle will be heard the moment you arrive.

Simply do your shot, it’ll make you feel alive.


This is a time like no other, just enjoy the ride.

Once you enter HQ, you can run but surely not hide.

So do yourself a favor as I end this little rhyme.

Enjoy this time with friends, here comes Tourney Time!