A DFD Tradition
Our annual poem from Gordon!

2022 DFD

Well hello, friends, how are you doing I ask?
Covid is over, you can now take down your mask.
Show that beautiful face that for years you’ve been hiding.
I haven’t forgotten it, but can’t say the same for Biden. 

The tourney is here, the brackets are arranged.
But our beloved DFD, surely has changed.
The HQ at Falcon Crest will no longer be.
The doors have closed and ventured to Tennessee.

The memories are forever etched in our minds.
We raise our glasses in thanks for those special times.
But all is not lost as we start this new journey.
Great people have still gathered for this incredible tourney.

Arenas will be packed, cheering on their teams.
Bars will be mobbed, busting at the seams.
For DFD, will we crown someone new?
At least someone old enough not to have a curfew?

The youngsters are killing it, on back-to-back years.
Are they even old enough to buy their own beers?
Having no fear, these boys don’t even quiver.
Let's see how they respond when they have to give their dads their liver.

Enjoy the youth and victories during this time.
Soon it will all vanish, like my hairline.
Poof, it’s gone, now you’re pleading with God.
Staring at the mirror admiring your Dad bod.

Time goes as fast as Genny Light’s drink.
So choose your picks wisely, but don’t overthink.
Upsets will happen, buzzers will be beat.
It’s the best time of the year so just pull up your seat.

Will Coach K’s career end in style?
While 63 others are left to walk the green mile.
It’s a fight, it’s a grind, a true athletic test.
In the end, there is one, and they are the best.

The Zags are poised to advance deep in the rounds.
Despite their best player weighing only 100lbs.
Jayhawks are solid as are the Cats.
Both Kentucky and Arizona, these are the facts.

Seeding is moot because upsets are prone.
If you face an underdog, best protect your throne.
A 12 vs 5, or a 13 vs 4
No time for losers, you’ll be shown the door. 

Tickets have been punched, the stage is all set.
Gambling apps are booming, go on and place a bet.
Raking in the cash, NY politicians think it’s funny.
Like Scrooge McDuck, they’re rolling in our money.

From your phone, it’s convenient, as you sit there on your ass.
Staying home is easy when you can’t afford the gas.
A golfer’s worst fear is the infamous word “shank”.
An adult’s worst fear is an empty gas tank.

But this wonderful time sheds light, that we must see through the rain.
Look past all that troubles you, and pray for Ukraine.
Our biggest worry is if our team will win and thrive.
While innocent Ukrainians pray to stay alive.

So our President is 100 and cannot remember his name.
That won’t affect the outcome of a game.
Bread is $4 a loaf and I can no longer afford to buy chicken.
You think that affects the winners I’ll be pickin’?

Life is good so save your complaining.
Enjoy the dunks and the three’s that will be raining.
Have a drink or make it three.

Get pumped up, it’s DFD!

We will miss the cooking and banging on the bar.
But that doesn’t have to stop us, despite being afar.
Distance is measurable but friendship is not.
So raise your glasses and let us unite in a shot.

Here’s to DFD and cheering on your favorite team.
Everyone can do that, even if you did not get the vaccine.
So before a new variant brings on more shame.
Buckle on up and enjoy these games.

One DFD’er will stand as the champ of 2022.
Who will it be? Will it be you?
Study the bracket and leave out your emotion.
Plug your ears and stay focused, ignore the commotion.

March Madness is here and it will get crazy.
No time for the weak, unprepared, or the lazy.
Focus and take chances, but don’t overthink.
I raise my glass to you all, now enjoy and let’s drink!