A DFD Tradition.
Our annual poem from Gordon!
Always great

Everyone gather around with an attentive ear.
It’s tourney time, did you hear?
The Madness is coming, it’s Marching in.
Do you have what it takes to get the win?

Last year was epic in the DFD race.
A dash to the finish, to conquer first place.
Each game was vital in the decisions you made.
In hopes of being champ, and of course getting paid.

Great Scott solidified his Hall of Fame status.
He outlasted em all, and that’s all that matters.
He reflects on his dominance and finds it rather funny.
Good thing he won, we know he needs the money.

But can he defend? That’s the question we ask.
To do that again is an arduous task.
It’s a clean slate, a brand new year.
So grab your brackets and sport your gear.

The pool is deep, the talent is vast.
Who will be the one that you think lasts?
Dominant Duke and the Phenom Zion?
Crushing your dreams, leaving you crying.

I inspected his sneakers, they’re good as gold.
Not the last ones made by a 6 year old.
One job to do for your $1 wage.
Hard to get help in the Philippines in this day and age.

The top overall seed with plenty to prove.
But one game at a time, you must find your grove.
Avoid the upsets, don’t look ahead.
Winning DFD, the same can be said.

It’s about patience and thinking to win this game.
It’s not about the money, rather the fame.
This isn’t for the weak that run and hide.
Just ask Clemson, rolling the Tide.

Will you go Cavalier and pick a 1 to go down?
Who will you choose to be holding the crown?
Upsets are certain, that we all know.
But at DFD, who will all show?

Is G Collar gracing us this DFD year?
Or are the fireball shots filling you with fear?
Are you boycotting DFD, do you have a sign for your picket?
Or are you cuddled under a blanket with another lottery ticket?

Will Wardy venture down with McDonalds Fish?
He’ll buy hundreds, eat as you wish.
A handle of Captain already done.
No, not after the tourney, that’s his day one.

Joe doing Joe things, chasing MVP.
Now for a lesson on irony.
What do you give the best drinker we know?
How about a beer store, on the go?

A traveling van chalk full of beer.
“Delivering” to stores both far and near.
Why are deliveries so late in March?
Joe had to pull over, he was a bit parched.

Who else will step up over the next 3 weeks?
Who has a lot left while others have peaked?
Don’t take the easy road, that is no fun.
Courage and Guts are what get this thing done.

Regardless of outcome, all priorities the same.
DFD is for the memories, aside from the games.
It’s for laughing and joking, cards and a beer.
Hanging with friends and family from far and from near.

It’s about busting balls and embracing the whistle.
Even though we hope the AD sucks that in, his new name Bissell.
“That’s a TRAVEL” will be engrained in our ears.
Get used to it, it’s been going on now for years.

Brackets are being filled with a steady hand.
Knowing Cinderella’s entrance is sure to be grand.
Buffalo? St. Mary’s? Maybe Colgate?
Not just a toothpaste, Tennessee is their date.

Will you be ballsy and choose an upset Winner?
Or will your new DFD name be “Caitlyn Jenner”?
Oh don’t be nuts, that was funny.
Okay, the crowds getting testy, talk about the money.

DFD shootout, dice and cards.
Larry’s spicy shrimp sauce, better spread it thin.
He’s building a DFD Wall, no Mexicans allowed in.

Dougie will be tending bar, his tips create a pile.
What is his secret? His beautiful wide smile.
Give him your empty and simply say please.
I know all his secrets now, I watch Live PD.

It’s about that time, are you prepared?
Mentally, physically, is your liver scared?
Don’t be a sally, embrace this time.
And think about something as you enjoy this rhyme.

We’re in our 13 month of winter, the cold still in our bones.
But remember one thing, DFD is our tourney home.
Thank You HQ for all that you do.
From all the DFD’ers….we appreciate you!