The Director

Each year we include the 2008 invite written by the Director himself .
Every time I read the words, I am reminded that it was his wit and humor that made this event what it is today. We continue to do what we can to make it a little better every year. This was his genius. This was his favorite time of year. We carry it on in his memory and we miss him very much. and for the record, I am STILL without a DFD title. The most wonderful time of year is about to begin!!


The Dunk for Dollars Tournament was spawned back in 1988 as a means of keeping in touch with a group of my relatives and friends after having moved to Syracuse. This year marks the 20th DFD venture for this group of rowdy, ego maniacal cast of characters. What started out with 10 members has swelled to proportions never imagined. The DFD has broken racial barriers, gender barriers and and other barriers that we won't speak of, to become the most enduring March Madness Classic.

In the past we had a membership board to oversee admission. When I handed over day to day control of the event in 2000 the admission process now resembles our country’s' immigration policy. "Send us your tired, your poor, your huddled masses who yearn to DRINK free ".. Now if you can give two definitions of the word 'dribble" or use the term 30 second violation in a non-sexual term you are in .This has led to a series of third party candidates winners over the last several years. Some who come to mind are Great Scott who watches as much college basketball as Saddam these days. We have Joan Rivers who sold out her beloved UCONN to win the 2007 DFD, showing a total lack of class. Then there's Monty Ward who drank for 17 straight days, woke up to find out he won by spinning his stir stick and taking the team it pointed to. Sounds like the Rumsfeld war plan.

We have had some passionate winners through the years. Chalkman, Mark the Shark and Genny Lite are but a few. They are true DFDers, knowledgeable, dedicated [40 min. for 63 games] and firm in their convictions. They also got luckier than Slick Willie did in that room off the oval office.

There are two people who have come up short for 19 years and they are the DIRECTOR and the AD. Although I have pulled my best Vince McMahon imitation by awarding myself such titles as Senior Champion, Most Popular and Comeback Player of the Year it is a fact that I have not won the big one. And just like John McCain I'm back for one more charge up the mountain, probably with the same fate, painful defeat, total embarrassment and a bitter hatred for the winner.

Fortunately for me and Johnnie Mac, age has sapped our memory bank and the whole event and the election will be forgotten minutes after it’s over. The AD on the other hand, has no excuses for never having won. He is an avid and somewhat obnoxious supporter of Jim Boeheims work release program. They made their run to the title with rent-a-Carmello and he couldn't close the deal. He had the lead and was preparing victory speeches when it all went south. Does Rudy in 08 sounds familiar?

The DFD has a lot of youth added to its roster. Though none have won yet they all say the right things and make people wonder if they are the real deal. Usually youth and exuberance finish second to experience and guile. If its time for Obama, maybe its time for one of these to take the big step.

Finally, the tournament has for the past several years been dominated by the distaff. Martha Stewart, Joan Rivers and the Falcon Cresters have shown us all what we already knew. It’s a woman’s world. They have taken their place at the head table of our annual event. They have no signs of letting up. They are dogged, cunning and have but one goal, winning. They have obviously mirrored their game plans after the next Commanderette in Chief, Madame President Hillary.

So once again, I welcome all of you to this year’s event. I salute the AD to the AD for all her work to once again get the site up and making competing so much fun. The only demand I make of you is to get your entry fee in so that prompt payment can be made to the winner. Good Luck to all. ROLL IRISH ROLL!